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The solution to the question posed in the headline of this article is deceptively easy to understand. If you look at any table of optimum strategy, you will see that in such a scenario you should pick another card from the deck. This is something we reinforce, and we urge you to maintain it at all times.

However, it is understandable how difficult it may be for novices to make such a decision. They are very concerned with making the top 10, which will result in an overkill. Furthermore, it seems to them that the following cards in the shoe may be two tens, which will give the dealer twenty two points and allow them to win on all of the boxes in the game. As a result of their way of thinking, many novice players stray from the fundamental situs slot online strategy that is recommended in such a scenario.

What Is Most Essential?

It is not unexpected that their approach often results in a victory, and this only serves to remind them of the need of sometimes “thinking with their own heads” rather than depending on a mathematically correct plan. As a casino customer, it is not difficult to anticipate what dangers such conclusions may bring with them.

This scenario will be thoroughly examined so that you fully see why it is necessary to accept a card with twelve points from you and two points from the dealer.

Varying outcomes have a different chance of occurring

First and foremost, consider this: just four cards out of thirteen will be dealt by sheer force. In other words, the likelihood of continuing the game after drawing a card is more than 60 percent. At the same time, the dealer’s deuce indicates that he will go bankrupt in 35% of the cases and that he will win from seventeen to twenty-one in 65% of the situations.

Make a comparison with yourself. The likelihood that the following card will result in a set of twenty-two cards is not very great. On the other hand, the dealer’s chances of winning on a deuce are almost twice as high as the chances of losing.

However, the potential consequences have been estimated for a long time, and the truth is as follows:

  • If you stop typing, your chances of winning decrease to about 65 percent.
  • If you are dealt a card, the likelihood of losing is about 63 percent.

Under specific conditions, the numbers may vary slightly from one another, but this has no effect on the overall image. Mathematics shows that taking a card on twelve with a two from the dealer is more lucrative from a mathematical standpoint, and mathematics is the most important science in blackjack.

This scenario is initially detrimental to the player; but, if he continues to play cards in this position on a regular basis, he will lose less money over the course of a lengthy period of time than if the set of cards is halted.


Exceptions to these guidelines are only feasible if you continue to count cards and notice that there are a large number of tens in the remaining decks, which increases the chance of being busted by the dealer. However, even in such a scenario, it may be beneficial to have a map on hand since pit bosses compute counts specifically for choices that are clearly in opposition to the fundamental plan.

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